Chris’s house burned to the ground. In the charred debris he found his Canon 7D.  The 7D was his first “real” camera and a trusted companion for many years. As he brushed the ashes from his camera he noted that the body was remarkably unharmed in the fire, the lens on the other hand was not so lucky. It and had melted clean off; leaving only the metal lens mount registered to the body of the 7D.

Black Concrete Cat Canon Camera_red w sunlight
Red Concrete Cat Canon Camera_macro

He requested I make an artifact of the event, which would capture a moment in time and tell a story. For me to accept a project like the 7D I need to connect to the object on a personal level. Chris is a good friend but what made his story very real for me is the fact that we are both fathers’ of two beautiful children. My first thoughts when hearing his story were of what we would lose in a house fire. Chris and his family were all at work or school when the fire broke out. He lost all his possessions and kept his treasures.

We need very little to live, save our beloved. After making this realization the 7D project became a symbol of destroying my idols. When I look at the 7D sitting on my desk I think to myself “Are there things in my life that serve no purpose and misguide my focus?” What do I need to survive and what do I merely need?

Black Concrete Cat Canon Camera_white background
Black Concrete Cat Canon Camera_macro

The end result is a piece of art that is relevant to both Chris and I but for very different reasons. That is why I create art. I am telling a story that could be different for everyone.

A huge thanks to Chris, one of our amazing patrons, who helps me create my work. Photo credits to Chris Leboe he takes amazing photos, see more at A Place For Things Thank you for letting me make art of your life.

Matt Heide