Coming Soon Exclusive

We turned our Octavia Pico into an incense burner and you can only acquire it from Coming Soon in New York City. We’re super excited about this project and had a lot of fun building colour palettes and pattern for Coming Soon. I was able to get a brief interview with Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria about their store, work and life.

1. Describe Coming Soon:

Coming Soon is a store founded by Helena and Fabiana.

"It came from our love of the neighborhood and wanting to start our business here. The neighborhood (“lower east side” - almost chinatown) definitely feels like one of the last places in NYC that feels like what NYC should be - creative, emerging, and authentic. We both worked in high-end 20th century furniture galleries in Chelsea - and thought we could bring that background to a broader audience with affordable, unique housewares and vintage furniture. We work with all ranges of young emerging designers to companies that have been around for over 100 years. We outfit the store the way we think people might their homes - mixing the old with the new. In it you’ll find home decor, vintage furniture, gifts, body essentials, other essentials and a sense of humor. Kinda like a home store, but more like a home."

2. We met on Instagram.

The first thing that made me want to follow Coming Soon was all the colours in your feed. Can you explain your colour choices with new objects for the end of 2015 and where your currently finding inspiration for colour?

Helena and Fabiana: In NY you definitely feel that color is seasonal. The second it gets a bit colder we gear towards darker richer colors. Amongst young designers in the past couple of years we’ve been seeing a lot of mint and peachy colors - but we are starting to see everyone graduate from that palette and getting into richer deeper colors. A lot of our color sense comes from fashion and what people are wearing around us - it just seeps in subconsciously. 

Fabiana: I am very into burgundy and deep purple.

Helena: I'm also into burgundy and mustard yellow. And we both like to have a starchy white for contrast. 

3. I think the pink neon sign in your front window is a work of art.  Who designed it?  What was the inspiration?

"We also think it’s a work of art - we’ve definitely gotten offers for it. Our good friend Ben Tousley designed it for us. We talked about wanting pink neon since we were obsessed with pink light at the time. I was putting pink bulbs in every lamp I found. And we also had a thing with Tracey Emin where Helena and I would send each photos of her work when we were working at an art fair. The neon was produced at Let There Be Neon (which is where Tracey has her work made)."

4. Favourite designer?

Helena: Charlotte Perriand
Fabiana: Gio Ponti

5. Favourite type of furniture?

Helena: Early-Mid 20th Century French
Fabiana: Mid-20th Century Italian

6. When you feel totally drained what do you do to recharge?

We smoke weed and watch TV. 

7. What’s the most recent thing you’ve learned that’s stuck with you?

You have to be really specific and clear in order to get a message out. - We’re still learning this one.

8. What music are you currently listening to?


9. What are you excited about today?

Helena: I’m excited that the weather is nice today and to be in the store. We just started last week to close on Mondays- so it’s nice to come back after a day of not being here. 

Fabiana: I’m excited to watch SNL tonight that I missed it this Saturday. 


Matt Heide