Period Party

We took part in the Period Party fundraiser this Fall and have to share the incredible results. Bravo to the creative group of organizers who initiated real deal down-to-earth help for others. You have inspired us.

 "We are beyond excited to share the total Period Party funds raised, and products collected and purchased with net proceeds, for donation to the Edmonton Food Bank!

Together we raised $10,021.86 (through silent auction, raffle and GoFundMe campaign) and with the bonkers low prices at Costco, that has turned into 31,008 tampons and 34,344 pads! Add that to the 15,950 tampons, 12,451 pads, and 47 Diva Cups donated at the event and that means together we have made it possible to donate 50,294 tampons, 42,659 pads and 47 Diva Cups to the Edmonton Food bank!

With the average use of 20 products per menstrual cycle, we've provided access to products for 4650 menstrual cycles!"

Shawna Heide