Outside the Box - Toronto Design Offsite Festival

‘Outside the Box’ recognizes and promotes Toronto as a center for Canadian design. It does so in two principal ways as the instigator of this serial project, and as a host city for the work of others at the annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

Each project begins with selecting correspondents — leading curators and designers in each participating city — to create a collection of thoughtfully designed objects that will fit into a standard Bankers box. These boxes are shipped to a selected city (e.g. Toronto and New York) for exhibition to showcase contemporary design and the talents of each city.

The project was created by the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, and is executed in partnership with WantedDesign.

Edition 03
Toronto Design Offsite Festival

Reception: Sat, Jan 23, 2016 | 5-7pm

This third edition of ‘Outside the Box’ features responses on the theme “multiple.” Multiples are numerous and often varied, but share common characteristics or qualities. They have several parts, elements, or members, in a relationship. City correspondents and curators are invited to explore “multiple” in any of its definitions. We welcome all creative interpretations on the theme.

The exhibition — with an added box from Toronto — will also travel for presentation at WantedDesign, part of NYCxDESIGN in May 2016.

Edmonton correspondents: Chris Provins & Carmen Douville (woo)

Concrete Cat | concretecat.com
Diane Krys | dianekrys.com
Henry-ID | henry-ID.com
Hunt Amor | huntamor.com
Karen Cantine | albertacraft.ab.ca/cantine-metal
Loyal Loot | loyalloot.com/
Maake maake.ca
Terry Hildebrand | potterry.com/Terry/Ceramics/Pages/Recent_Works.html#17
Tomnuk Design | tomnuk.com
Mezzaluna Studio | mezzalunastudio.ca



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